Chimney Stack Works

We tend to carry out this type of work from the early spring until the early autumn months. This hopefully gives us advantages with reduced risk of frost damaging the building work and hopefully better weather!! The work we do covers the whole scope of stack work from resolving damp problems, repointing, chimney pot re benching, height reduction, lead replacement and of course total rebuilds..

When considering if you want a quote from us you should bear in mind the following.

Get a Quote

It is best to get a quote before this period starts or in the early part of it. This gives us plenty of time to schedule in this work and fit in with your diary commitments.
Most chimney work involves party walls and any relevant neighbours must be fully informed/involved, with all live fire flues clearly identified.
We never invoice for skips and scaffold. We do not make any commission on these and simply recommend companies who you pay directly. We usually use the same scaffold company and arrange for them to give you a quote. Of course we instruct the scaffold company as to what type of scaffold layout is required for the work involved. 

Chimney Pots

We always render inside the chimney stack as we build up this produces a stronger structure and prevents leaking flues.

Any broken chimney pot will have to be replaced.
We usually quote for cowling chimney pots as an optional extra, with no fitting charge as we are working on the stack anyway.

Any rebuild quote covers down to the roofline and not below that point.


We cannot guarantee to get a flue gas tight during any building work but we will endeavour to do so given our knowledge of chimneys. Of course for any live fire the chimney must be gas tight i.e. fumes must not pass into another chimney within the chimney system or directly into the building, it would be a carbon monoxide risk if fumes were to leak out. The chimneys could have leaks below the area we are working on. It is the same with any stack work. Should the chimney leak in the future lining the chimney for an open grate is very difficult and most people usually take out the fire and fit a stove since they run on small liner sizes.

Chimney Sweeping

Sometimes it is possible to reuse the original external brick and a quote from us can include several options. Of course until the stack is opened up the condition is not known for certain and this work can result in some nasty surprises! The quote usually includes a provision for chimney sweeping after the building work. Very often this is free of charge providing it does nor require an extra visit.
We usually also quote for ventilating redundant/ blocked up chimneys or can give advice if you wish to do it yourself. 


Any lead work is usually estimated for and not fixed in price. The price of lead can vary considerably and also we try to reuse as much of the lead present already on the stack if possible. We usually use sprung stainless steel clips to hold the lead in place. For flashings and soakers we use code 4 lead which follows best practice, it is relatively thick, should last longer and less likely to move in high winds.