Slating and Tiling


A1 Property Services NW offer specialist slating services.
Here at A1 Property Services NW, we offer a number of different slating techniques from sized set slating to random slating diminishing margins. We also carry out roof repairs and roof maintenance services. If your existing slate roof is damaged or causing worry, we can assist and provide complete assessments and written quotes.


• Welsh slates
• Green Westmorland slates
• Red Welsh Penrhyn slates
• Random Burlington slates
• Burlington Grey slates
• Yorkshire Grey slates
• Natural roofing slate is also imported into the UK from around the world, increasing the range that is available.

Roof slates offer the most aesthetically pleasing roofing solution, as well as weather tight and ensuring great durability. Slates make a striking visual impact on a roof through their colours and textures. Throughout our slate roof repair services, we use both new and reclaimed slates. If you’re looking to maintain your existing slate roof, using reclaimed slates we can match the style of your existing roof as close as possible, ensuring the best presentation of your home or business. 


Tiles are another alternative material that can be used and have many advantages over other roofing materials. Tiles come in various shapes, sizes and colours that can be easily matched to suit individual buildings
Clay tiles are the perfect choice for those undertaking a sensitive project or development (i.e porches, dormas ,vertical structures). Clay tiles will elegantly weather and mature slowly with age.

Here at A1 Property Services NW, we also offer an alternative cheaper option of concrete tiles that might meet your requirements. These also come in different shapes and sizes to meet each individual customers needs.

A1 Property Services NW, we can advise you on the best kind of roofing slates or tiles to use on your property. We are happy to explain any concerns or answer any questions you may have. Whilst work is being carried out on your property we will ensure that it will be kept weather tight at all times.